Sports Betting – Ravens at Colts Preview

The NFL is one of the most competitive sporting leagues in the world and no matter what anyone may say you simply can’t take a few weeks and return to the game playing at the same high level as when you left off. The Indianapolis Colts are the perfect poster boy for what can happen when you rest your starters for too long before the playoff begins.

The team rested its starters over the final two weeks of the 2005 season and despite having the best record in the NFL betting lines were knocked off by the Wild Card Steelers as they went on to win the Super Bowl. So it’s quite surprising then that Indy would repeat this unsuccessful tactic again in the 2010 sports betting action.

True, the NFL is highly demanding on players and rest is always welcome. Dwight Freeney and his line mate Mathis need to get healthy. Fine, but why pull all your starters, lose games and risk falling out sync when you’ve already seen that the results are far from desirable. The simple truth is that no team in the past 15 years has had any online betting success entering the NFL playoffs on a two game skid. In fact, only three of the past 15 Super Bowl winners have even lost the last game of the season, let alone the last two.

And those trends are becoming more acute in recent times with most Super Bowl champs over the past five years riding win-streaks heading into the post season. Just look at what happened to the Tennessee Titans last season. After finishing with an NFL best 13-3 record, they rested their starters in week 17, rested for a week, and lost their first playoff game a week later. If Indy loses its game against Baltimore you can be sure this strategy will come into question.

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