Sports Betting – Review Cowboys at Vikings

For anybody that might have forgot which teams finished the regular season with the best records in the NFC they got a sober reminder over the weekend. There was a reason why the Saints and Vikings are the top two NFC seeds in the NFL playoffs and the Cards and Cowboys were made examples.

The two teams combined to win by margin of 62 points (both winning by 31 points). Most surprising perhaps for the sports betting community was the complete and utter beat down that the Vikes laid on Dallas. This was a team that was the talk of the NFC just a week prior and thought to be the hottest team in the playoffs. Not quite.

Minnesota made the Cowboys look like the Rams on Sunday. The front seven of the Vikings will haunt Romo in his sleep. The deepest pass he threw during the game went maybe 10 yards. He simply had no time to set up in the pocket and scrambling for his life the entire day. The ground game? Same result as the D-line stood up blockers and the linebackers filled every gap imaginable.

On offense a steady balance of Adrian Peterson and 4 Brett Favre TD passes hung 34 points on the board. The famed pass rush of the Cowboys? Shut down by great Vikings O-line play. In a game that was expected to be the tightest game of the divisional round of the playoffs, there was nothing close at all in this game. From the opening quarter to the ‘last rub it in your’ face TD by Favre with less than two minutes left, the outcome was never in doubt.

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