Sports Betting – Vikings at Panthers NFL Odds

Sports betting on the Minnesota Vikings (11-2) have played in some very big road games this season. Unfortunately the week 15 matchup with the Carolina Panthers (5-8) will not be one of them. The Vikings have already sewn up the division and home field advantage in its first game of the post season and so have little left to play: i.e. the team may have reason to rest its starters.

And that is the crux of this difficulty in handicapping this otherwise cut and dry NFL football betting matchup.

There is no doubt that the Vikings are the far superior team in this NFL football odds matchup and if was about a month earlier in the 2009 NFL schedule this game would be at least a 2-TD spread. But things get tricky at the end of the year after team’s clinch playoff berths early and even more interesting when your starting QB is a senior citizen.

Brett Favre has been sensational this season and best of all for Vikings fans has had a relatively light work load and looks to be in great shape. That being said, it’s likely he’ll play most of the game and ensure a Vikings win.

The Panthers, on the other hand, have a terrible QB in Jake Delhomme. It’s also likely he’ll play most of the game (much to the chagrin of Panthers’ fans) unless he’s benched for throwing INTs.

The Vikes will most likely play their starts for most of the game and get the victory. The only question is: by how much will the visitors win. And that gets tricky. The best play on this game is to pick the Vikes to win and leave the spread (+9) alone.

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