Super Bowl Odds – Preview Colts vrs Saints Betting on NFL

In what is perhaps a sign of the times for the second straight year there will be no elite running back in the Super Bowl odds this season. In fact, there’s no one even approximating a betting on NFL standout running back. And perhaps even more damning, the absolutely worst running team in the betting on NFL action (Indy) is not only featured in the Super Bowl odds, but a 6-point favorite heading into Sunday’s game.

It’s no secret the Colt’s offense begins and ends with Peyton Manning and it would be a major surprise id the Super Bowl odds game plan deviated much from that basic strategy. But just the idea of a team with no running game being favored in the Super Bowl odds would have been unfathomable to most betting on NFL experts a few years ago.

Consider that Indy averaged just 80.9 on the ground in the betting on NFL regular season. Never before has a team that bad at moving the ball on the ground been favored in the Super Bowl odds. Further, the team average just 3.5 yards a carry, the only team in the betting on NFL action was the Chargers (3.3 ypc).

And the Colts could care less. They didn’t even try and run the ball or make an attempt to balance out the attack. Indy ran the ball just 22.8 times a game, second lowest in the NFL slightly behind only the Cards (22.9). What’s more this will be the second year in a row that a pass heavy, run deficient offense will be in the Super Bowl odds (Cards in ’09).

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