Super Bowl Odds – Super Bowl Sunday

The old NFL adage goes something like this: Offense wins games but Defense wins championships. Well, try telling that to the two offensive jaugaurnauts that will be playing for the Super Bowl odds title on Sunday. These two teams, while hopeful to play strong defense every Sunday, live the offensive mantra.

Score points first and worry about playing defense second. That’s how both the Indy Colts and New Orleans Saints operate and on Super Bowl Sunday we should see quite a lot of points hung on the board, the only question is, how many? The early over/under in these Super Bowl odds seems to be somewhere around 56 points.

That seems like a pretty fair estimate when you consider that during the regular season two teams combined to score 57.9 ppg (Saints=31.9 ppg; Colts=26.0 ppg). However, if you look at the post season as a separate season, as many Super Bowl odds fans do, the story changes slightly with the teams have averaged 38 ppg (Saints) and 25 ppg (Colts), respectively.

If you’re among the Super Bowl odds fans that puts stock in the football theory that only post season games can be accurate indicators than the over/under should be at somewhere over 60 points. But fans should expect the teams to get off to somewhat slow starts as the hype of excitement of the Big Game set in.

Both of these teams will likely sore less than they averaged in the regular season and post season. And as porous as both of these defenses are, they will probably dominate in the first quarter or two. Everyone is expecting an offensive display in the Super Bowl odds this year but the 56 points might be just right.

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